Sustainable Star Michelle

Sustainable Star Michelle

The Choose How You Move challenge allows residents of the Leicester & Leicestershire area to earn BetterPoints for walking/wheeling, cycling, car sharing and taking public transport. Download the app via the buttons or QR code at the bottom of the page to join in and start earning rewards today!

Congratulations to Michelle from Enderby!

When she joined the Choose How You Move challenge Michelle would use her car 7 days a week for work and leisure.

Here is what she said about how using the app has motivated her to change:

"The app has encouraged me to be healthier and be in the fresh air more. I like that I can track the distance I have done. I find the timeline helpful and the points are a bonus.

I am more determined not to use my car for work even when it is raining, so I always cycle or walk. It always makes me feel motivated for the day ahead and helps me destress after work. I am less stressed from not having to sit in traffic and get frustrated with road works.

Now that I'm more active I feel fitter and slimmer. I don't have to worry about getting petrol. I can't remember the last time I got any. It's great for saving money. 

Another benefit is I don't have to find a parking space and get stressed about being late and getting stuck in traffic. So much better, what a lovely surprise to win!"

Download the BetterPoints app like Michelle and start earning rewards by scanning this QR code.

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