Sustainable Star Michelle

Sustainable Star Michelle

Congratulations to Michelle from Enderby!

When she joined the Choose How You Move challenge Michelle would use her car 7 days a week for work and leisure.

Here is what she said about how using the app has motivated her to change:

"The app has encouraged me to be healthier and be in the fresh air more. I like that I can track the distance I have done. I find the timeline helpful and the points are a bonus.

I am more determined not to use my car for work even when it is raining, so I always cycle or walk. It always makes me feel motivated for the day ahead and helps me destress after work. I am less stressed from not having to sit in traffic and get frustrated with road works.

Now that I'm more active I feel fitter and slimmer. I don't have to worry about getting petrol. I can't remember the last time I got any. It's great for saving money. 

Another benefit is I don't have to find a parking space and get stressed about being late and getting stuck in traffic. So much better, what a lovely surprise to win!"

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