Sustainable Star Chris

Sustainable Star Chris

The Choose How You Move challenge allows residents of the Leicester & Leicestershire area to earn BetterPoints for walking/wheeling, cycling, car sharing and taking public transport. Download the app via the buttons or QR code at the bottom of the page to join in and start earning rewards today!

Congratulations to Chris from Cossington!

Chris joined the Choose How You Move challenge in July 2022. He has enjoyed taking part and has made significant changes to his travel from where he lives into Leicester city centre. 

Here is what he said about taking part:

"Before I discovered the BetterPoints app I used to use a petrol moped and my car pretty much all the time for every journey.

But now I use the Park & Ride and the City Hop bus as well.  I’ve even started using my push bike exclusively for personal transport. The moped is long gone!

I like the way I can review the routes I've taken with calories burned and times taken on my push bike. This gives me a goal to aim for next time. 

I walk a lot more, especially with others. I often use my bike, so much so that I encouraged my wife to get out on hers this week! It's not been out of the garage for over a year!

Since changing my travel habits I've lost 8kg in weight and have my body fat percentage down to 15% which is pretty good I think. I also enjoy journeys a lot more, car driving always made me feel really stressed but being chauffeur driven on the Park & Ride whilst listening to a podcast has really improved my mental health. 

Now I’m using my car less. When I took it in for its MOT, I'd only done 2,000 miles in the last year. The mechanic thought I'd clocked it! I now only buy a tank of fuel every 8-10 weeks whereas I used to use a tank of fuel a week. So I’m saving money as well as improving my health and the roads have one less car on."

Well done Chris, keep up the good work!

Download the BetterPoints app like Chris and start earning rewards by scanning this QR code or using the buttons below.

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