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Become a Sustainable Star like Valerie

Congratulations to Valerie who lives near Humberstone, and who is one of our Sustainable Stars.

She joined the challenge in February, and was using her car every day and this became the norm. She said "I just got into the habit of using the car and got lazy."

Here is what she said about participating in the rewards challenge:

"I used to use my car all the time, now I plan my journey and use the bus when I can. I have arthritis and going out walking every day helps me to be more mobile and reduce the swelling in my legs. The challenge definitely encourages me to walk for longer and further.

By going out walking it's also made me more confident. I'm planning on exploring the local green spaces, I had never gone as far as my local park before.

I'm saving up my BetterPoints and want to treat my granddaughter to some books and buy some groceries for myself. Plus I'm saving about £20 on petrol every week by not going out in the car." - Valerie A.

Great to see you choosing to become more active Valerie and being inspired by earning rewards!

If you've enjoyed walking, cycling and travelling more sustainably recently - tell us, we'd love to hear from you. Visit the activities page in your app to complete our ‘Sustainable Star’ survey.

If you're still working from home, tell us about how you're keeping active by using the car less for short leisure and shopping journeys, or how you're gearing up to try cycling or walking to work when you do return.

You can submit an entry each month, so look out for messages in the app to remind you to tell us your story.

Every month we are awarding one user 10,000 BetterPoints for being our 'Sustainable Star' in the Choose How You Move Challenge, just for telling us how it is helping them get back to better.

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