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29 March 2021

Leicestershire are paving the way to more active and sustainable travel

We are very pleased to announce the news that the Choose How You Move Rewards challenge, powered by BetterPoints in partnership with Leicestershire County and City Councils, moves into a fourth year.

To allow the challenge to grow sustainably and give participants another year of rewards you will notice some changes.  With more and more people in the county choosing active and sustainable travel collectively you will help keep car journeys down, resulting in cleaner air for everyone.

These are the rewards you can earn from 1st April 2021

We are introducing some new rewards for becoming a Choose How You Move Ambassador and spreading the word about the challenge, plus rewards for your running, walking or cycling across the City and County. 

Active Travel

Earn 10 BetterPoints twice a day for running, walking and cycling over over half a mile in Leicestershire.

Daily Prize Draw - Win 1,000 BetterPoints

Earn 10 BetterTickets (up to six times a day) into a daily prize draw. BetterTickets will be awarded for both active or sustainable travel journeys over half a mile in Leicestershire. Plus, if you use the city centre pop-up cycle lanes you can earn extra BetterTickets into this daily draw. We will be awarding 3 x 1,000 BetterPoints every day. 

Become a Choose How You Move Ambassador - Earn 500 BetterPoints

Refer a friend, family member or colleague to Choose How You Move Rewards to earn 500 BetterPoints and unlock a new level of rewards.

CHYM Ambassador Weekly Prize Draw - Win 1,000 BetterPoints

Once you have referred 5 friends you will qualify to boost your BetterTickets in a great new prize draw for your active and sustainable travel journeys in Leicestershire. We will be awarding 5 x 1,000 BetterPoints every week. 

CHYM Ambassador Rewards

Watch this space - we love to surprise you, so keep an eye on your timeline for some fun ways to earn boosted BetterPoints and prizes for swapping car journeys for more active and sustainable travel.

Sustainable Travel Star - Win 10,000 BetterPoints

Tell us your story of becoming a more active and sustainable traveller, and let us share it with your fellow participants. If selected you could win 10,000 BetterPoints.