Unlock extra rewards!

03 September 2021

Boost your rewards by becoming a Choose How You Move Ambassador 

How do you become a Choose How You Move Ambassador?

That's easy, just refer 1 friend, family member or colleague and you will unlock a new level of rewards during the challenge plus earn 100 BetterPoints each. 

You can refer up to 5 friends, family members or colleagues to maximise your bonuses & earn 500 BetterPoints.

How do you refer friends in the app?

- Tap the left hand menu to find 'refer a friend'

- Then share your unique 'refer a friend' code with your family, neighbours, friends and colleagues.

Other CHYM Ambassador Rewards

CHYM Ambassador Weekly Prize Draw - Win 1,000 BetterPoints

Boost your BetterTickets in a weekly prize draw for your active and sustainable travel journeys in Leicestershire. We will be awarding 5 x 1,000 BetterPoints every week. 

What's next?

Watch this space - we love to surprise you, so keep an eye on your timeline for some fun ways to earn boosted BetterPoints just for our ambassadors and prizes for swapping car journeys for more active and sustainable travel.