Take the Car Free Day Pledge

10 September 2021

Unlock a boosted reward

Wednesday 22nd September is World Car Free Day and we want as many people to pledge to leave their cars at home and travel more sustainably.

What can you do to unlock this reward?

Take the 'Car Free' pledge and you will unlock a boosted reward of 100 BetterPoints for a run, walk, cycle, bus or train journey in Leicestershire on the day. 

Why pledge?

If we commit to something, research tells us we are more likely to see it through.

You will be helping reduce car use across the County, improve air quality and decrease traffic on the roads, all whilst being more active yourself. So we want to reward you for committing to this.

So take the pledge for World Car Free day.

New to BetterPoints

Find out how you sign up to Choose How You Move in Leicestershire here, and start earning rewards for sustainable travel in the County.