Sustainable Star Kamlesh

30 July 2021

'Before Choose How You Move, I travelled everywhere in the car'

But that all changed in April when Kamlesh joined BetterPoints and the Choose How You Move challenge for Leicestershire residents when he started cycling to work.

We asked him what life was like before BetterPoints and what helped him change his behaviour?

"I used to commute to work by car five days a week. I've discovered by changing the way I travel it's a great way to get more exercise. Not only do I feel happier but I've saved money by swapping my commute to two wheels.

Also I feel I am doing my bit for the environment. I have also found new paths and things on my route that I would never have done if I kept driving." - Kamlesh from Wigston Fields

Congratulations Kamlesh and well done for making those changes to get out and be more active.

How can you become the next Sustainable Star?

If you've enjoyed walking and cycling more during lockdown, then don't slip back into old habits. Tell us how you are coming back to work, but better, by ditching your car and commuting by foot or bicycle. Visit your activities tab in your app and complete our ‘Sustainable Star’ survey. 

If you're still working from home, tell us about how you're keeping active by using the car less for short leisure and shopping journeys, or how you're gearing up to try cycling or walking to work when you do return.

You can submit an entry each month, so look out for messages in the app to remind you to tell us your story.

Every month we are awarding one user 10,000 BetterPoints as our 'Sustainable Star' in the Choose How You Move Challenge, just for tell us how the challenge is helping you to get back to better to be in with a chance to win.