Sustainable Star Hawwah

07 January 2022

Congratulations to Hawwah who lives in Leicester City Centre and is our Sustainable Star for December!

Hawwah has been been making changes to the way she travels and is more active since joining the Choose How You Move Leicester and Leicestershire challenge.

Hawwah told us how using the BetterPoints app has helped her to be more active and reduce her car journeys and carbon footprint.

"Before I took part in the Choose How You Move BetterPoints Challenge I would commute by car 5 days a week. I used to go by car to college every day there and back. So I decided to try a greener way of travelling around the city. The BetterPoints rewards were just the motivation I needed to do something different.

I started walking to college, and I honestly started to feel so much better knowing I'm staying fit and also saving money on fuel or catching two buses. Public transport is great but it can take me an hour to get home which is double the amount of time it takes me to walk.

I'm fitter and stronger and it's reduced my stress levels, plus I sleep so much better. The real bonus is that I've saved money too! Another thing I've noticed is that being outdoors my skin has improved immensely and it's much clearer." 

Have fun spending or donating your BetterPoints Hawwah!

How can you become the next Sustainable Star?

If you've enjoyed walking, cycling and travelling more sustainably recently - tell us, we'd love to hear from you. Tap play ▶️ in the app and complete our ‘Sustainable Star’ survey. 

You can submit an entry each month, so look out for messages in the app to remind you to tell us your story.

Every month we award one user 10,000 BetterPoints as our 'Sustainable Star' in the Choose How You Move Challenge, just for telling us how it is helping you to get back to better to be in with a chance to win.

New to do I join?

  1. Download the BetterPoints app for free from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Complete the registration form and then join the 'Choose How You Move' challenge from the invitation in your timeline.

For more information about how to take part tap  here.