Pop-up lanes saved our summer of lockdown

01 September 2020

How the pop-up lanes have encouraged Jo and her family to get out during the extended local lockdown

During June, July and August we have been awarding 25,000 BetterPoints per month to our Pop-Up stars.

Here is what our August winner Jo said about taking part in the BetterPoints challenge:

‘Before I started using the BetterPoints app I was very inactive. I’ve been living in Leicester for 15 years and had never plucked up the courage to go cycling (due to the roads and the amount of cars on them). In all that time I’ve maybe got on a bike twice by borrowing one, and I took part in the Sky Ride Leicester event - when the roads were closed off to traffic.

I downloaded the BetterPoints app after I saw it advertised on the Leicester City Council Facebook page. It inspired me to finally purchase a bike and get out with my family.

What I’ve discover is a new sense of freedom, and that it takes almost the same amount of time to get places as it does in a car.

We also asked Jo 'What difference have the pop-up lanes made to the way you travel?'

The pop up cycle lanes have given me more confidence to get on the roads. It has also meant that I feel safer for my children who are also using the lanes. We are getting out a lot more and discovering parts of Leicester we never knew existed. It’s been great fun and good exercise.

I’ve worked throughout the Covid lockdown as a lecturer, and being a mum of 2 teenage girls was challenging. Then we were faced with an extended local lockdown in Leicester. We’ve been making sure we get out to make life that bit more bearable. One of our favourite routes is going from Western Park to Fosse Park where we could sit on the grass, have a coffee and get out of the house.

I’m so much fitter after a summer of cycling. Both my physical and mental well-being have improved.  I’m happier and I’ve learned how places link up by bike.  Purchasing bikes and earning BetterPoints have made such a difference to us all and we got a proper break.’ - Jo

Congratulations to all our Pop-Up Stars during the summer. Use the 'Pop-Up' pedestrian and bike areas and earn a BetterTicket into the weekly prize draws during September.

We will be launching a new monthly prize for sharing your story and being our 'Ditch the Car Star' very soon, keep an eye on your app timelines!

The more people continue to use the pop-up infrastructure, the more likely it is to become permanent and to grow. Now is the time to ditch the car, avoid slipping back into old habits, get healthier, happier and back to better!

The council are keen to hear your ideas too. Where are cycleways and wider pavements for distancing needed? Visit the Widen My Path website  to register your ideas.

To find out more about the pop-up routes visit the Choose How You Move website.