Lockdown Legend Purva

16 November 2020

Good samaritan Purva is our latest #Lockdown2.0 Legend

During lockdown Purva has made use of the time to reconnect with old friends.  She discovered one in particular was having a really tough time so she offered to help.

Here is what Purva said about helping her friend in need:

"I recently got in touch with a friend who just lost his job in London. After a few conversations I helped him to make a decision to move to Leicester. It's a less expensive city to rent a house. So he came to stay with me whilst I helped him to find accommodation.  He was very grateful for the support.  Then I cooked meals for 2 days whilst he and his family settled into their new home. 

We also asked Purva how has the BetterPoints app helped her to be more active:

Before I started using the BetterPoints app I would take two buses to work every day, and did very little exercise. Now I own a bike and cycle most days, plus I do lots of walking to replace my bus journeys. I've recently taken up online Yoga to help me get through this latest lockdown too. Using the app has made me so much fitter!" - Purva from Leicester

Purva wins 25,000 BetterPoints for her story, as well as the honour of being this week’s BetterPoints Lockdown Legend!

We've had so many inspiring stories from BetterPoints users during this challenging year and as it comes to a close, we'd love to be able to share more! So tell us about how you are helping others, staying positive and getting active during the next few weeks and you could be another Lockdown legend and win 25,000 BetterPoints.