Let's Go Participant Jigna

22 March 2022

Jigna told us how the Let's Go challenge has helped reduce her car journeys and get active

“I work for Leicester City Council and joined the Choose How You Move BetterPoints challenge when it first started. I am a type 2 diabetic and work sometimes gets very stressful, but because of BetterPoints and the encouragement and incentives offered I started walking a lot and resumed cycling.

This has had positive effects on my health and mindfulness. I can really see the health benefits. The rewards and incentives mean I’ve been able to get money off my food shopping, and I’ve also been able to treat myself with other vouchers in the app too.

With the Let’s Go challenge it’s really made me rethink my car use. I’ve swapped many of my normal car journeys for walking and cycling instead.  With rising fuel costs I’m filling up my car less and saving money, so it’s a win-win for me!

I do appreciate the BetterPoints initiative to encourage people in Leicestershire to be healthier, and use more sustainable approach to the way they get around. Thanks BetterPoints!” - Jigna D 

Keep up the good work Jigna!

There's still lots to play for in March as we give away the following prizes:

Daily prizes of BetterPoints and Monthly memberships with a £5 bike hire credit for Santander Cycles.

Our grand prize an Apache e-bike from Rutland Cycling

Our runner up prize of a FitBit and £400 of Outdoor gear

Plus our final week of prizes:

1 x £25 Gift Voucher at Social Climbing

1 x £20 Amazon Gift Card

5 x Stojo Collapsible Cups

1 x £10 Gelato Village Voucher

1 x Treasure Trail Voucher

How do you take part?

If you work in Leicester or Leicestershire download the BetterPoints app (if you haven't already):

📱 Join the Let's Go challenge

🏢 Select your workplace (or ask us to add your workplace to the challenge).

🔓 Take your 'Get Started' survey to unlock your rewards

🏃🏽‍♀️ Track your active and sustainable journeys to earn BetterTickets into the prize draws.