June Prize Draw Winner

06 July 2020

Win a £100 Amazon Voucher with Choose How You Move.

During June, July and August we are running a fantastic prize draw. Earn up to 10 BetterTickets per day with a walk or cycle over half a mile. The more tickets you earn, the better your chances!

Here is what June’s winner Vikki said about taking part in the challenge with BetterPoints:

"BetterPoints is a nice way to incentivise and reward people for active travel. It's positive encouragement for good, healthy behaviour.

I've recommended the app to several family members and friends, all of which enjoy it and make an effort to move more.

There are other incentive-based systems like BetterPoints out there, but often the rewards are too little or disconnected to motivate a healthy lifestyle. BetterPoints certainly has the march on this area. I believe more could be done to promote it, as it is a good tool.” – Vikki C

Thanks for the feedback Vikki and congratulations on being our June winner!

Be a winner like Vikki, there are lots of prizes on offer during the challenge - take a look here

Earn extra BetterTickets by using the Pop-up lanes too. The more people use the pop-up infrastructure, the more likely it is to become permanent and to grow. Now is the time to ditch the car, avoid slipping back into old habits, get healthier, happier and back to better!