Do you work at Fosse Park?

21 July 2021

Swap solo car journeys to Fosse Park and win prizes!

Do you work at Fosse Park? 

If so, we are working with the team there to encourage staff based on site to choose active and sustainable travel to work to earn BetterTickets into a great monthly prize draw over the summer and into the autumn.

Run, walk or cycle over 1 mile or take the bus instead.

Each journey that starts or ends at Fosse Park will earn you a BetterTicket into the draw to win bundles of BetterPoints.

BetterPoints can be redeemed for high street vouchers or donated to your favourite charities and good causes instead.

By swapping solo car journeys to Fosse Park you are helping improve the air quality in the area and free up parking space for customers. 

Want to boost your BetterTickets?

Why not go for a run, cycle or take a stroll on your lunch break to earn more chances to win!

Refer your colleagues to BetterPoints and remember to give them your unique referral code too. For every colleague you refer you will earn an extra BetterTicket into the monthly draw.

Each month in September, October and November we will be awarding the following prizes:

1 x 20,000 BetterPoints

3 x 10,000 BetterPoints

6 x 5,000 BetterPoints

8 x 2,500 BetterPoints

How to join in the Fosse Park programme

All staff can access a range of incentives such as a free 4-week bus ticket, 4-week e-bike hire and transport discounts by joining the SmartGo Fosse Park scheme HERE. Additionally, find out local travel information, including bus times and cycling maps, by downloading the Savills Insights app (iOS, Android).