Ditch the Car Star Kiti

08 December 2020

How Choose How You Move has helped Kiti ditch the car

Every month we are awarding one user 25,000 BetterPoints as our 'Ditch the Car Star' in the Choose How You Move Challenge.

Our November winner is Kiti who had gotten into a habit of using her car every day and didn't question her travel habits, until she discovered the BetterPoints app three months ago.

We asked her what her life was like before BetterPoints?

"Before I used to take the car for all my daily journeys. I got into the habit of taking the car for shopping even if I needed 1 or 2 items. Plus all my school and nursery picks ups. I just felt it was quick and easy to get in my car and go.  But the Choose How You Move challenge helped me change all that.

Since I downloaded the app I now leave the car at home. I go for more walks which can be shopping, dropping and picking my daughters from school and nursery all on foot. I feel so much better for myself and the environment.

Finally we asked, as a result of your more active lifestyle what benefits have you noticed?

After my walks now I feel fresh and my mental health feels good, I feel more relaxed and have introduced this app to my husband, and friends.  I think it really motivates me to go and enjoy a walk whether it's cold or dry, the daily challenges help as I feel ‘I can do this’ and I actually feel fab after getting out in the fresh air.

On all of my journeys I now question and look at whether I do really need my car or can I go walking instead"- Kiti from Leicester

Congratulations Kiti, well done for making those changes to get out and be more active.

If you've enjoyed walking and cycling more during lockdown, then don't slip back into old habits. Tell us how you're coming back to work, but better, by ditching your car and commuting on foot or by bike. Visit your activities tab in your app and complete our ‘Ditch the Car Star’ survey. 

If you're still working from home, tell us about how you're keeping active by using the car less for short leisure and shopping journeys, or how you're gearing up to try cycling or walking to work when you do return.

You can submit an entry each month, so look out for messages in the app to remind you to tell us your story.

Be chosen as our monthly Ditch-the-Car star and win 25,000 BetterPoints.  Just tell us how the challenge is helping you to get back to better.