Congratulations to nurse Kramie, our first Lockdown Legend!

Michael Grimes - 08 April 2020

Each week, we are choosing a Lockdown Legend – someone with an inspiring story of coping during the coronavirus lockdown. At the end of its first week, we had our first winner: nurse Kramie Moon.

Kramie’s story is a humbling one. It’s a wake-up-call to the pressure our doctors and nurses are under and the sacrifices they are making. But it’s also a lesson in commitment and resilience under testing circumstances, and a reminder of how proud we should be of everyone who is keeping it together for us right now.

I’m a nurse so I have to continue working. But on the days I’m home I have to contend with having no downstairs sitting room or kitchen due to a flood 14 weeks ago. So I’m confined to a bedroom upstairs and cooking in a garage. But trying to make the most of it.

I have to shop a couple of days at a time due to the situation, but I’ve now a routine of getting up for the early shop. I come home, cook us a healthy breakfast, then sort out the house. Each night we’re cooking something new in our limited space.

And spending loads of time apart: due to my job, my partner doesn’t want to be around me. But once a day we go for a walk – leaving a gap!

Kramie wins 25,000 BetterPoints for her story, as well as the honour of being the very first BetterPoints Lockdown Legend!

We’re awarding a new Lockdown Legend every week for the time being, so keep telling us your stories for the chance to win £25,000 BetterPoints! Simply select the Lockdown Legend activity in your BetterPoints app.