Bike to the Future!

27 May 2020

If you've enjoyed cycling more during lockdown then Choose How You Move is here to help you to maintain and build on those great new habits!

Starting June 1st you can earn double points for cycling in Leicester and Leicestershire and be in with a chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher each month throughout the summer!

If you've not yet got the biking bug, then with bike week just around the corner and pop up cycle lanes springing up all over the city, now is the time to try!

As we emerge from the lockdown and many of us start to return to work and school, or think about doing so, it's a great time to consider getting on your bike as an alternative to the car or public transport. If you've started working from home,  challenge yourself to cycle the equivalent of your old commute to see how easy it is - you might be pleasantly surprised! And for those of you who have continued or taken up cycling as a critical means of transport to get to key jobs throughout lockdown, this is our way of thanking you. Don't forget to share your stories for a chance to win even more prizes.

With stories abound of cleaner air, less congestion and a collective desire not to just go back to business as usual, Choose How You Move wants to keep you motivated to get back - but better! Encourage your friends and family to download the app, take advantage of double points and think about what you might spend your Amazon voucher on if you're this month's winner.