BetterPoints has motivated me to stay active in lockdown

12 February 2021

Andrew tells us his story

We like to bring you stories from BetterPoints users who are utilising the app to great effect. Recently I spoke to Andrew, and here is what he had to say about discovering the app and the positive impact it has had on his health:

How has using the BetterPoints app, and being part of the Choose How You Move challenge, helped you?

"Joining the Choose How You Move challenge provided that extra incentive to leave the car in the garage. Before lockdown, it encouraged me to cycle my commute to work from Coalville to Melton Mowbray a few times a week. This really helped boost my points total and I was able to redeem my BetterPoints for a voucher every month. Since I started I have accumulated about £50 worth of rewards from my activity which I am delighted about!"

How has the lockdown affected your active routine?

"I am now working-from-home but because I have the BetterPoints rewards to aim for, it has encouraged me to get out and about despite the lockdown. I do not need a second invitation to go for a ride, take the dogs out for a walk or go to the local shops on foot, knowing I can keep my BetterPoints total ticking over. The app has been key to keeping me active and staying physically healthy in recent times." – Andrew B, Coalville

A big thanks to Andrew for sharing his BetterPoints journey. We are very proud to work for a company that makes such a difference to people's lives.

If anyone else would like to share how BetterPoints has positively impacted their health and well-being, please do so by getting in touch by emailing here.


The BetterPoints team